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New Update for Waves of Doom!

2018-01-16 13:24:16 by Rodycool


I just released another update for Waves of Doom! Please check below the update notes.

UPDATE NOTES (01/16/2018):

- Added a brand new skill "TAUNT". You can do this 1 time per wave. It will cause monsters to spawn much faster but you will gain fury depending of your wave progress. Pretty handy if you don't have patience to wait for them or the game is being too easy for you ;)

- Added 6 secret medals for you to discover!

- Now the late game have some more surprise attacks from demons. Be aware!

- The scoreboard page now display some useful statistics for you to track your achievements progress.

- Fixed some bugs and adjusted a few parameters to make the game more balanced.

UPDATE NOTES (01/13/2018):

This game was way too hard when was released so i made some changes to reduce the difficulty:

- The Druid Lvl requirement to unlock the spells was reduced by up to 40%.

- The spell's manacost was reduced by up to 40%.

- The amount of souls required to gain a Staff lvl no longer increases, it's now constant.

- Drop rate of Soul orbs was adjusted to increase it's consistency. The cap of increasing bonus given by Soul orbs is now at combo 10 instead of 8.

- From now on your Town will regenerate 1 HP each time a wave is completed.

- Spawn rate of monsters has decreased a little bit.

- Added 11 more medals for you to unlock!
I'm planning to deliver more content in a future update so stay tuned!

If you notice any bug or issue related to this game, don't hesitate to contact me, and don't forget to rate and review this game!

Good Luck, Have Fun!


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